I have been doing photography for about ten years now. I’ve taken thousands (and thousands) of images over those ten years and recently began thinking that I would like to create a gallery collection of sorts of my personal favorite image I’ve captured over the years.

After some thought trying to decide what platform I was going to use I finally decided on using Instagram for this new venture due in no small part to its wide use by many people. I can’t say I won’t decide to change that at some point in the future, but for now that’s where I’m going to be posting my collection.

In setting up the new gallery the first thing I needed to do was to come up with a name. Long story short (I’ll spare you the boring details of my mind’s creative process) I came up with Studio Seventy3.  In addition to sounding cool (in my opinion), the name does have some meaning.  One of the definitions of “studio” is “a place for the study of an art”. Now while that usually refers to singing, dancing, acting, etc., in my case this collection is the place I will be studying my own personal art of photography. In culling my work to select photos to be included I hope to learn from the path my photography has taken over the years. My hope is that in seeing the less-than-stellar (read: bad) work that I have done along with the more improved work will help me to be more in tune with my identity as a photographer.  And, in singling out my favorite images into one place will help me to better identify and develop my editing style.  And why Seventy3? Well, I’m afraid the reason is quite boring and unoriginal…I was born in ’73! So, take “Studio” and “73”, throw it in a trendy blender and you get Studio Seventy3!


Anyway, enough explanation. My main purpose behind this is for my own fun and growth, but I thought maybe some others might enjoy taking a look. Enjoy!

You’ll find the collection on Instagram here. Feel free to follow @studio.seventy3 on Instagram to see new images when I post them!