A Call to Stay on Point with the Gospel

You’d have to live in a cave in the wilderness to have not heard about the decision passed down from the Supreme Court this week regarding gay marriage. Many on both sides of the issue are making their views known all over social media. There are strong (to put it lightly) views on both sides of the issue. I sit down to write this blog entry today not to try to convince anyone that my view on the matter is the right view. But in full disclosure, let me state at the beginning that as a believer in Jesus Christ I also believe in the infallible Word of God and what is says pertaining to life and godly living.

A Word to Unbelievers
Now, if you’re an unbeliever reading this (and by unbeliever I mean one who does not believe what the Bible says carries any significant weight or is even true), let me say up front my goal today is not to convince you that my view is right. While I whole-heartedly believe that the Bible clearly states that homosexuality is a sin (as is lying, stealing, killing, gossiping, etc.), I am not so foolish to think that I can convince you of that. You see, outside of a relationship with Jesus Christ, there are no words I can say to convince you that what the Bible says is true. I may like to think I can sway you with my savvy arguments and points of view, but in reality I would have better luck drying a car with a bath towel in a downpour. It’s just not going to happen.

What I DO want to say to you, though, is that I’m praying for you. Not in a pious, holier-than-thou way, looking down from my ivory tower, but in a caring, honest way. I do truly care for you, no matter your views, thoughts, or opinions. And why do I care for you? Because that same Book that says that homosexuality is sin tells me to. Without the grace of God I too would be lost and without a compass in this world of lies. So what I do want to do, is share with you what the Bible says about the most important thing that should matter to you: your eternal destination.

God tells us in the Bible that “all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God” (Romans 3:23). This means just what it says, that there is not one person who has ever lived on this earth that is without sin. And because of that sin, we owe a penalty, which is death. Romans 6:23 states that “the wages of sin is death”. The death referred to here is not just physical death, but also spiritual death. That is, eternal separation from God in hell. Thankfully that’s not the end of the story. Romans 6:23 continues, “but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.” You see, Jesus Christ was born a man, lived a sinless life and died on the cross to pay the penalty we owe for our sin.

How do we recieve this free gift? Well, continuing in the book of Romans, chapter 10, verse 13 states “for everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.” That’s all a person needs to do.  Recognize they are a sinner and believe that Jesus Christ died to pay for that sin and repent, asking for His forgiveness. When a person does this the Holy Spirit comes and dwells in you, giving you the supernatural ability to serve Him faithfully. It’s also not until this point that you can truly believe and understand His word, the Bible.

Set aside for a moment your view on homosexuality and truthfully examine your heart and your life. Do you see your sin? Do you see the need you have for peace that comes only by trusting in Christ? I do not speak as one who knows more than you or is better than you. I only speak as one who was once lost just as you are. Every believer in Jesus Christ was once blinded to the truth as well. If you do see your sinfulness and understand that you need to be saved from that sin, go to God in prayer and ask for His forgiveness. He is faithful and loves you and wants you to be His child, no matter how bad you may think your sin is.  There is no sin too big to keep us from the love of God!

This alone is the most important thing for you to consider today as an unbeliever. For even if I somehow succeeded in convincing you that homosexuality is sin, what good will that have done if you’re still lost and on your way to hell? Please take time to consider your position before God today.

A Word to Believers
Now I want to say a word to believers in Jesus Christ. The news this week was both shocking and disheartening. But it was not surprising. It should not surprise us when the world takes another step in defiance of God and His Word. The father of this world is Satan, so of course the world is going to do as its father directs. When issues like this come up our knee jerk reaction is often to attack the error and go in guns blazing to attempt to “right the wrong”. As if changing the public perception of homosexuality will somehow make a difference in eternity. While I agree that we should stand firm on what the Bible teaches about life and living, it can sometimes consume us and distract us from the most important thing, sharing the gospel.

We can get so caught up in trying to convince the world that it is going down the wrong path that we forget to tell them how to get off that path altogether. Plus, as I stated earlier, it doesn’t matter how clever our speech is. We’re not going to convince them. John 8:47 points out why, “He who is of God hears the words of God; for this reason you do not hear them, because you are not of God.” Those who are not of God are not going to hear the words of God. So how can they hear the words of God? By becoming a child of God! And how do they become a child of God? By hearing the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It is the power of God, alive and sharper than any two-edged sword (Hebrews 4:12). It alone can pierce the hardened heart of the unbeliever, doing what NO clever speech of man can do. We are foolish if we think our words can do better than God’s words.

So, believer, stand firm for the truth, making sure to not get mired down in endless debates that accomplish nothing but to stir up anger and strife (and raise blood pressures) and only serve to distract us from sharing the true cure for the terminal illness that is sin. Share the gospel and leave the convincing to the Holy Spirit!

A Call to Stay on Point with the Gospel